1. Understanding Commercial Door Anchors

    We Are Pro's serving Pro's and we've done our very best to make sure we provide the best Commercial Door materials to ensure your jobs go smoothly. There are several different types of door anchors on the market, but we have chosen to offer two- which we believe are the easiest, most versatile, and cost-effective. COMBO ANCHOR:
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  2. A'Door Your Job! Learn How To Pick The Right Door For Your Job!

    Commercial doors are manufactured in many applications and sizes. Knowing what type of door is best for your applications will save you time and money and make your jobs more profitable. Learn about the different types of commercial doors, how to spot and lower quality products on the market and keep your clients happy!
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  3. Measuring Rough Openings Doesn't Have To Be Rough!

    The proper measurement of your rough opening is critical to getting a solid installation on your door and frames. There are some key aspects to the measurements and we have taken the liberty to include some of these keynotes below:



    WELDED OR KNOCKDOWN                   WIDTH + 4-1/2”                
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  4. The Right Frame Of Mind! Get Smart On Commercial Frame Installation and Applications.

    Commercial Door Frames come in all different applications and sizes. Choosing the frame for your application is critical for a successful job. Get to know and understand the difference between welded standard masonry frames, knockdown drywall frames, and the popular modular adjustable frames like those from Timely.
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